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On the twenty eighth or twenty ninth of January, our compressor blew a fuse which resulted in the brine pump continuing to circulate the brine.  It happened approximately at 1:00 am.  Our ice security system is a temp control sensor which activates a red beacon outside.  Unfortunately, I did not get an alarm call until 7:00 am of that morning.

When I got to the rink, we had a 3 FT swath of water down the centre of the ice, which indicated that the ice underneath was already soft.  In the past years, this would have resulted in the paint lifting, and we would have lost our ice.

Everyone knows that without EASY SHEETS we would have to take out our ice and start over.  The way our club is set up this would have resulted in ending our season; losing 8 weeks of regular curling and bonspiels.

Thanks to Hack to Hack Solution Inc.  we were able to recover our ice and continue our season. It is “a quick, maintenance free and cost efficient way to put in your ice.”

-Gary Macyk

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