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The St. Paul Curling Club purchased six sheets of “Hack to Hack” liners for the 2014 -2015 season.  Our use of volunteer time to paint six sheets, seal them in and then paint circles, seal them in and finally get to flooding was becoming very demanding.  We felt that we were operating our plant for two weeks extra just to put in the ice, time which could have been spent curling.  October of 2015 was the first time we put the liners in without Kevin’s help.  We started at 10:00am and were flooding the same day.  Our install time dropped dramatically, and we were able to commence our regular season 10 days earlier than usual.


Clean up in the spring used to involve 12 people, a firetruck pumper and a mess.  Now we shut off the plant, push off excess water and let the liners dry.  We also purchased the “Covermaster” roller system which allows us to put all six sheets on the roller and moves them to a secure area.  A great saving in time and no mess to clean up!

After two years of trial I would certainly recommend the use of “Hack to Hack Solutions” for all clubs.  More curling and less set up – how can you lose?


Floyd Kunnas

Club Manager

St. Paul Curling Club

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