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The Clyde Curling Club laid out our centre sheet of our three sheet rink with Hack to Hack Solutions sheet. We are so pleased with the easy installation and impressive results, that we are already searching for funding and sponsors, so that next year we can install our entire rink with Hack to Hack Solutions sheets.

I was also involved with installing ice in a nearby community this year.  They still insist on painting ice, rings, and corners.  In addition, the standard procedure of laying down T-lines, hog lines, and centre lines is also done.  As an ice-maker I can honestly say that there is no comparison between the standard way and using Hack to Hack Solutions.

Using the plastic sheet with circles and lines already painted on it saves countless hours of time for an ice maker.  This benefits both the ice-maker and the club, since ice plants do not have to be started so soon in the fall, resulting in lower utility costs.  It is a pleasure to just roll out a sheet already marked for curling and just add water.  It also looks very professional upon completion.

Strongly recommended.

-Jim Rau

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