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Our Club begins our season with a Green-spiel during the Grey Cup weekend.

We had problems with our refrigeration unit which was really delaying putting in our ice.  We finally flicked the switch on the ice plant on Tuesday night.

By Wednesday night, our pad was frozen and we began installing our new “Easy Sheets”.  A few hours later, we were doing some light floods.

On Friday morning, we did the last flood, shaved in the afternoon, and were curling early Friday evening.

The new “Easy Sheets” saved us at least 6-7 days of labor to install the ice plus the case of running the plant.  Saving at least a week of utilities at today’s high prices; it won’t take long to see a huge return on our investment.

This will have an enormous impact for our club when we put in ice for our Annual Summer spiel during the July long weekend.  We usually are faced with 25 degrees celsius temperatures during this time.

With our plant having to run 6 to 7 days less during these high temperatures, we should realize some enormous savings.

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