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We all want to work smarter, not harder. That applies to ice, too. So what does smarter ice look like?


To me, smarter ice requires less work and requires a lower level of commitment from your volunteers. It’s ice built needing less water, and can be kept at warmer brine temperatures, keeping the ice plant running less. Smart ice would be good for the environment, and safe, too. Of course, it needs to perform for all different skill levels.


With the patented Easy Sheets from Hack-to-Hack Solution Inc., you’ll be making smarter ice. This video from the Haugesund Curlingklubb in Norway shows just how easy the Easy Sheets are to install! Take a look!




A Great Choice for Your Club

Because they’re reusable, the Easy Sheets are a great choice for your club, your members, and the environment. You’ll keep the ice thinner because you’re no longer using single-use ice paint but a customized rink insert: you won’t need layers and layers of water to seal the paint in anymore. And our customers tell us they can keep their ice warmer, too, with brine temperature running much higher than before.

Ice-in Assistance

Your club’s purchase of the patented, digitally-printed Easy Sheets from Hack-to-Hack Solution Inc., includes ice-in assistance from me! I’ll be there to help you put your ice in using the Easy Sheets the first time round, usually in person. And after that, I’m always just a phone call away if you’ve got any questions.


Last year, COVID-19 got in the way of in-person installations, so we used FaceTime to get the job done. As usual it turned out great again. Below is a picture from the Liverpool Curling Club in Liverpool, NS, followed by hockey rink we ended up doing remote in Bangkok, Thailand. Take a look:













































The Easy Sheets are reusable, durable and reduce the effort and time needed to put your ice in, and take it out. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, they’re the easiest way to monetize your ice. This is our 15th year in business, and we have customers who have been re-using our customizable liners every season since we began. 


Whether you’ve got natural or artificial ice, are on a concrete or sand base, the Easy Sheets are the long-term answer to single use ice paint that’s always a pain to clean up when the season ends. We can digitally print the liners the way you want them, with houses printed right on the mesh liner or printed separately as inserts. And if you’re not sure what would be best for your club, just ask! I’ve got ideas and am happy to share.


To know more, reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or send me an email.


Happy Curling,

Kevin Grumetza
Hack to Hack Solution Inc. 


Did you know we do custom printed sheets for hockey rinks too? We sure do! Take a look at the Goal-to-Goal Solution offerings here!

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