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Say Goodbye to ice paint forever

The patented, digitally-printed Easy Sheets® from Hack-to-Hack Solution Inc. will shorten the time it takes to put in the ice - and provide high-visibility, in-ice advertising options sponsors will love!

Just Add Water

What does it cost to put your ice in and take it out again? It's not just the cost of paint supplies. It's also the human effort needed to get the job done. 

Imagine how easy it would be if all you needed to do was JUST ADD WATER?

Get Up and Running Fast

Start-up time is greatly reduced with the patented Easy Sheets from Hack to Hack Solution Inc. Your members will be throwing rocks within days, not weeks because the Easy Sheets make it SO EASY. Our customized, digitally-printed mesh sheets are reusable, durable, and easy-to-use and store. There is no mess from paint residue to clean when the season ends. Just thaw the ice, dry the sheets and roll them away until next season.

Natural or Artificial, Sand or Concrete

The Easy Sheets can be used for both natural and artificial ice rinks, on sand or concrete. Pictured to the left, the 2-sheet Copper Country Curling Club in Calumet, MI is a natural ice facility. This custom design, complete with outlines for walking paths, is a new trend in rink layouts, all digitally printed and sized to fit.

No Army of Volunteers for this Job

All you need to do is turn on the refrigeration plant, roll out the sheets and just add water. When the season is done, you dry them out, roll them up, and wait for next season to bring them out again. You won’t need an army of volunteers to get either job done, just a cold floor, a couple of folks to put the sheets in place, and then just add water.

Sponsors Love Them

The Easy Sheets give you more revenue-generating possibilities than ever before. Since each rink is printed to your specifications, you can offer more options to your sponsors for high-visibility advertising.. Not sure how they should look? No problem! We’lll be happy to offer suggestions.​

Hack to Hack Solution’s Easy Sheets are reusable, durable and reduce the effort and time needed to put your ice in, and take it out. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, they’re the easiest way to monetize your ice.

If you’re wondering how easy, durable and reusable the Easy Sheets are, this is our 15th year in business, we have customers who have been using the liners every season since we began. Whether you’ve got natural or artificial ice, want the houses printed right on the mesh liner or separately as inserts, we’ve got the environmentally-friendly solution for your club. 


To know more, reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or send me an email.

Happy Curling,

Kevin Grumetza
Hack to Hack Solution Inc.

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