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Thin Ice, Big Savings

Tyler Warawa, one of the members of the Elk Point CC and lead volunteer, says that with the Easy Sheets in place, they’re able to keep the ice 5/8” thick - a far cry from the 1-6” it was at times on the sand floor. As for the ice temperatures, they used to run at 19°F. They’re now at 26°F.

What About the Curling?

Warawa says the ice is “level, keen and true.” And they’ve got more members now, with a facility the members can be proud of, and ice that makes their teams competitive.


January 30, 2023 - The Elk Point Curling Club in Elk Point, AB (left) completed major upgrades on its facility, including going from a sand floor to concrete, and from messy ice paint to the Easy Sheets.

Transforming a curling club from one that’s old and tired into one that’s bright and alive — and attracting new members — isn’t easy. As the members from the Elk Point Curling Club in Elk Point, AB will tell you, it didn’t happen overnight. Many “upgrades” took place with the help of volunteers, grants, sponsors, including the patented Easy Sheets from Hack-to-Hack Solution Inc. 


The sand floor was a big problem. It was uneven and inefficient and took them a month to get the ice "in". That, along with residual ice paint, contributed to how dirty the building always was. Now their concrete surface is level, with year-round revenue potential. And they’ve done away with ice paint completely by going to the Easy Sheets.

The Easy Sheets are durable and reduce the effort and time needed to put your ice in, and take it out. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, they’re the easiest way to monetize your ice - ask me how! This is our 16th year in business, and we have customers who have been re-using our customizable liners every season since we began.

Whether you’ve got natural or artificial ice, are on a concrete or sand base, the Easy Sheets are the long-term answer to single use ice paint that’s always a pain to clean up when the season ends. We can digitally print the liners the way you want them, with houses printed right on the mesh liner or printed separately as inserts. And if you’re not sure what would be best for your club, just ask! I’ve got ideas and am happy to share.

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