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On January 8, 2023, Tyler Warawa writes:

"The ice is superb."


"In previous years, due to the sand and rink base not being level, we would flood for 3-4 weeks to build up the ice enough to curl. Due to the sand, no insulation and ice thickness we had to run the plant at 19 degrees. After laying the hack to hack sheets we have roughly 5/8” of ice over the sheets and now run the plant at 26 degrees. Not only is this a huge savings in volume of water and volunteer time it will also drop our utility bills dramatically. Our club is back up and running with 18 mixed teams, 2 junior, 1 senior and a youth program all enjoying the new ice surface. With the ice being consistent and keen across all the sheets, our club members have loved the change. Also our Junior and Senior teams will actually be able to learn the game properly and have an even footing when going off to school, bonspiel and zone competitions."

"The ice is keen and true." 

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