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It takes the pressure off the volunteers

Gordon Sampson (left) is the President at the Liverpool Curling Club, a 4-sheet facility in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Last year was their first season using the patented Easy Sheet rink liners from Hack-to-Hack Solution Inc..

“The energy savings was a bonus but it’s not the reason we decided to go with the Hack-to-Hack sheets,” Gordon says. “We’d stopped using ice paint and had painted the floor instead, but that limited our off-season revenues. We wanted to change that -- without going back to ice paint. We just didn't want to work so hard anymore.”​

Gordon continues:

“The Easy Sheets make it easy for us. It takes the pressure off the volunteers. They’ve made quite the difference as far as we are concerned.”

A Great Choice for your Club!

Because they’re customizable, reusable and durable, the Easy Sheets are a great choice for your club, your members, and the environment.

“We visited the Curling Club in Clare, NS who have had the sheets for 12 or 13 years — and they looked just like new,” Gordon explains. “And then Alan Foster, our head ice maker and building maintenance director, went there when they put the ice in to see how they did it. Then we put in our’s. It only took three people to roll the sheets out, and then a couple of folks to help flood. Kevin (Grumetza) was there to give us some virtual assistance, and it worked out very well!”

Without paint on their floors now, the Club is now hosting non-curling events in the off-season. It's generating that additional revenue stream they were looking for!

Ice-in Assistance

Your club’s purchase of the patented, digitally-printed Easy Sheets includes ice-in assistance from me, Kevin Grumetza! In most circumstances, I’ll be there to help you put your ice in using the Easy Sheets the first time round. And after that, I’m always just a phone call away.

Unfortunately, with COVID-19 travel restrictions, being there in person wasn’t always possible. The Liverpool Curling Club put in the ice on their own, without me being there. And their ice turned out perfectly anyways.

Nova Scotia, Here I Come

With a couple more Easy Sheet installations slated for other Nova Scotia curling clubs, I’ll be there this Fall to show them how to use the sheets. Of course, I'll stop at the Liverpool Curling Club and assist when they put their ice in this year, too. They did just fine last year, but it will be nice to meet them in person and show them what I know.

“We’re hoping to meet Kevin, and hoping to learn some tricks that will help us get the ice in quicker and maybe save even more money,” Gordon says.

Hack to Hack Solution’s Easy Sheets are reusable, durable and reduce the effort and time needed to put your ice in, and take it out. In addition to being environmentally-friendly, they’re the easiest way to monetize your ice. This is our 15th year in business, and we have customers who have been re-using our liners every season since we began. 

Whether you’ve got natural or artificial ice, concrete or sand, want the houses printed right on the mesh liner or printed separately as inserts, we’ve got the environmentally-friendly solution for your club. And if you’re not sure what you want, just ask! We’ve got ideas.

To know more, reach out on Facebook or Twitter, or send me an email.

Happy Curling,

Kevin Grumetza
Hack to Hack Solution Inc.

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