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My name is Gary Macyk. I am the president and ice maker for the Waskatenau Curling Club, North East of Edmonton, Alberta.

When Kevin Grumetza came to me with his Patented Reusable Curling Sheets, I/we where somewhat sceptical but from what Kevin was presenting made sense. Our club was the very first  to purchase the HackToHackSolutionInc Sheets. It wasn’t very long after we realized we made the right decision.


  • We have noticed that we are able to reduce our ice thickness about 50%.

  • We are able to run our ice plant a few degrees warmer

  • We've seen a huge reduction in plant hours.

  • We've seen a reduction of volunteers hours.

  • It's an easy clean up at the end of the season.

  • It's environmentally-friendly, we'll never have to buy paint again

Now, 15 years later, the sheets still look like new and we feel we will be using them for many more years to come.


It is my opinion that the HackToHackSolutionInc Sheets pay for them self in a short time and we highly recommend clubs switch to them.

Gary Macyk.


15 Years

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