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15 Years

In the summer of 2006, I was contacted by Kevin Grumetza of Hack to Hack Solutions about the ''Easy Sheets'', a solution for reducing the costs of operating a Curling Rink facility. 

During our discussions the initial costs of these sheets versus the long term benefits was discussed and the initial investment would be paid back many times over.

As the General Manager of the DeBolt & District Agriculture Society who operates the Curling Rink, I undertook and secured sponsorship of purchasing 3 sheets for our facility. 

The initial installation went smoothly, especially there was no tedious task of painting, ensuring that each circle was accurate. 

The season went smoothly and, at the end of the season, the sheets were washed and dried, roll back up, placed in the tubes that they were delivered in, ready for the following season.

These sheets have been used many seasons since then and still provide the same outcome as they did in the first season. 

Over the years there have been plant issues, with the ice thawing out, but in a matter of a day we were back curling. 

Even though I'm currently not the General Manager of the Agriculture Society, I have seen the benefits many times over of purchasing these sheets and highly recommend curling rinks and hockey arenas invest in these sheets, You will find it is a worthwhile investment. 

Tom Burton 
MD of Greenview 

DeBolt & District Agriculture Society CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL

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