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Customer Testimonials!


On Jan 28/29 morning our compressor blew a fuse which resulted in the brine
pump continuing to circulate the brine this happened approx 1:00am.Our ice
security system is a temp control sensor which activates a red beacon
outside unfortunately I did not get an alarm call till 7:00am. When I got to
the rink we had a 3 FT swath of water down the center of the ice, which
indicated that the ice underneath was already soft. In the past years this
would have resulted in the paint lifting, and would have lost our ice.

Everyone knows that without the EASY SHEETS we would have to take out our ice
and start over. The way our club is set up this would have resulted in ending
our season loosing 8 weeks of regular curling and bonspiels. Thanks to Hack
to Hack Solution Inc. we were able to recover our ice and continue our season.

Gary Macyk
Waskatenau Curling Club

Thanks To Hack To Hack Solutions “A Quick, Maintenance Free and

Cost Efficient Way to Put in Your Ice.”

Prince Edward Curling Club

Our ice plant sprang a big leak on Friday evening (luckily we were there and could shut down the compressor immediately.

Our refrigeration contractor was really quick to respond, but by the time equipment was repaired and the plant was back on, we had standing water on the ice surface.

We left the plant running overnight to refreeze the ice and this morning we've just done a few scrapes and pebbled. We're back in action.

Ice is actually better - we had a bit of frost build up around the outside, that has gone and it looks like lots of dirt had floated to the surface, so our scrape has cleaned up the surface even better than before!

Thanks to you, we won't have to repaint the ice surface - rings are as clear as day 1. In the old days we'd have probably just had to shut down until after Christmas!

Richard Linnett

Prince Edward Curling Club

Redwater Curling Club


A new cement floor was built for curling in Redwater this year and the
Hack to Hack ice sheets were used. Kevin assured us of the ease and
suitability of the sheets and despite our best efforts to make them fail
we couldn't. Our initial set up and preparation for freezing in the "easy
sheets" took 11 minutes and we were able to curl within two days. The sheets
went in quickly, looked great and survived an attack by vandals who used
gasoline and dry chemical extinguishers on the ice surface. We realized
substantial dollar savings in installation and look forward to continued
savings over the life of the sheets.

for the opportunity to use the "easy sheets."

Dave McRAE

Project Manager, Town of Redwater

Names from left to right .

Lawerence Hrycun President Redwater Curling Club,Connie Butcher Mayor of Redwater,

Kevin Grumetza Hack to Hack Solutions, Jack Dennet Councillor Town of Redwater.

Peace River Curling Club

It was a pleasure working with Kevin from Hack to Hack Solution Inc.The instillation was very quick and easy, and they look excellent.I would like to thank our sponsors for donating the sheets to our club. A special thanks goes out to; DMI Peace River Pulp, Peace River Ford, Petro Peace Fuel Distributors, Inland Cement, Tri-Star Chrysler, Remax and Shell Canada.

                                               Sincere Thanks to Everyone,

                                                            Vic Zesko

My name is Todd,

I have installed over 300 sheets of curling ice over the last 17 years.
Which mean’s Lots of paint. And lot’s of headaches.
My arms would be so sore after painting the white.
My back and knees were sore after the colors and then putting in the lines.
Then joy! “The clean-up” Woo! Hoo! More punishment.
Add on top of this the stress of paint separation, plant failure???

Then I saw Kevin come out, unroll his sheet, make a few adjustments,
soak it in, flood it a couple times, then curl on it. It was amazing,
looked good, and no clean-up. This is what icemakers have been waiting for.

A sceptic turned believer

Todd Redmond

The Back Yard Rink

All set to curl outdoors again and thanks to the easy sheet, things just got better. No more paint and no more worries if the weather turns warm. Let things melt it will get cold again!

Thanks Kevin.

Don Lakusta

This sheet was custom printed for the Canadian Curling Association, under the care of

Tim Yeo and his assistants in Gibbons, Alberta.

The Clyde Curling Club laid out our center sheet of our three sheet rink with Hack to Hack Solutions sheet.  We are so pleased with the easy installation and impressive results, that we are already searching for funding and sponsors, so that next year we can install our entire rink  with Hack to Hack Solutions sheets.

I was also involved with installing ice in a nearby community this year.  They still insist on painting ice, rings, and corners.  In addition the standard procedures of laying down T-lines, hog lines, and center lines is also done.  As an ice-maker I can honestly say that there is no comparison between the standard way and using Hack to Hack Solutions. Using the plastic sheet with circles and lines already painted on it saves countless hours of time for an icemaker.  This benefits both the icemaker and the club, since ice plants do not have to be started so soon in the fall, resulting in lower utility costs. It is a pleasure to just roll out a sheet already marked for curling and just add water.  It also looks very professional upon completion.  Strongly recommended.

Jim Rau,

Clyde Curling Club

Our club begins our season with a Green-spiel during the Grey Cup weekend. We had problems with our refrigeration unit which was really delaying us putting in our ice. We finally flicked the switch on the ice plant on Tuesday night. By Wednesday night our pad was frozen and we began installing our new “Easy Sheets”.  A few hours later we were doing some light floods. On Friday morning we did the last flood, shaved in the afternoon, and were curling early Friday evening. The new “Easy Sheets” saved us at least 6-7 days of labor to install the ice plus the cost of running the plant. Saving at least a week of utilities at today’s high prices, it won’t take long to see a huge return on our investment. This will have an enormous impact for our club when we put in ice for our Annual Summer spiel during the July long weekend. We usually are faced with 25 C temperatures during this time. With our plant having to run 6-7 days less during these high temperatures, we should realize some enormous savings.

Andrew Curling Club

For the last 12 years, 3-4 volunteers have been making curling ice at the Thorhild Curling Rink. This is always a time consuming venture, with flooding, shaving, painting, cleaning, flooding, and soon. This year we acquired one of the new pre made sheets from Hack to Hack Solutions Inc. Once we had the 2 painted sheets in, (5-6 days to do), two of us layed in the sheet from Hack to Hack Solutions, did some adjustments and flooded the sheet in. The next day we shaved and were curling on all three sheets. The time to put in the sheet(s) from Hack to Hack Solutions is hours, not days.We have talked about easier ways to make curling ice, now we have found the answer.

Harold Hamilton

Thorhild Curling Club


Just a short note to let you know how pleased the Viking Curling Club is with your Hack to Hack” Easy Sheet” product. We are into our second year using your product and are impressed with the ease of installation (4 hours) and elimination of cleaning up paint when the ice comes out in the spring. We also note that our utility costs have decreased. We feel that the four sheets will pay for themselves.


Rod Hunter         

President Viking Curling Club

World Curling Champion 1970 & 1971